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Solution for Yado's Krypton

maybe brain ;)

"We Will, We Will Crack You"
First, dont try to disasm krypton, coz is have polymorphic code. You dont get correct dead-listing. So, load krypton into SI Symbol Loader and start the trace. F10. Trace until you get:

00401048:   CALL  KERNEL32!CreateProcessA
0041104D:   PUSH  FF
0040104F:   CALL  KERNEL32!ExitProcess
Stop at 0040104F. F8,F10,F11. Trace again.
You found some operations with the registry. Forget about it. Its YaDo's joke. Trace down.

0040185B:   MOV   AH,43    ;  mov ah,43 ;)
0040185D:   INT   68       ;  interesting. SI detection
0040185F:   CMP   AX,F386  ;  AX return F386 if SI is loaded and
                           ;  4300 if not loaded. 
            JZ    @Cracker used SI. I change my own code and confuse him/her@
What to do with this? Unload SI and then crack krypton.;-) Joke. Load FrogsIce or change JZ with JNZ.
After some steps:

004010f4:       ; peace of code where calculating name of keyfile
........ripped  ; if SI is loaded name is wrong ;)
00401149:       ; if SI isnt loaded name is 'ya.do'
Start tracing until you get:

00401162:  CALL   KERNEL32!CreateFileA
           CMP    EAX, -01  ;file exist?
           JZ     004011B3  
....ripped some instructions
00401179:  CALL   KERNEL32!GetFileSize
           CMP    EAX,15    ;is file 15h bytes long ?  
           JNZ    004011B3
Ok. Keyfile should be 21 bytes long and its name is ya.do . Create ya.do and write something like this: '!!Corbio is a lamer!!' or
'!Corbio is a cracker!'
What you best like? Me second ;)
Trace until you get:

00401423:  MOV  CL,[ECX-01]    ;?
           SUB  CL,10
           MOV  CH,[EBX]       ;??
           XOR  CH,CL
           MOV  DH,[EAX]       ;???
           ADD  CL,0D
           XOR  DH,CL
           CMP  CH,DH
           JNZ  00401797       ;Go Out, Bad Cracker!
           MOV  DL,[004022B1]  ;????
           XOR  DL,DH
           MOV  [004022E8],DL  ;?????
           ADD  EAX,01
           ADD  EBX,01    

.......and 20 times like this........

?      : type 'd ecx-1' and you see  63495D1840. Its used for name
         of the keyfile and here too.
??     : type 'd ebx'   and you see 04213A27360A32373C133B3C273E323A3F
???    : type 'd eax'. Wow! You see '!Corbio is a cracker!'  ;)
????   : type 'd 4044B1'and you see 102026353100744C443D052F262739243B
?????  : Its string where  'GREAT' and '--REGISTERED--' stored if you
         keyfile is correct. If no you got a lot of garbage.
Can you create correct keyfile now? I can.
Best created with Hiew. ;)
Thats all.
Uh.I'm tired.
Thanx for reading and.......
.......sorry my terrible english :)

Greets to...
Genocide Crew members
All my friends (you know who you are)
All crackers in the world :-)

15 Aug 2000

uinC Member

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