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Solution for Mogul Crack Me 2

Hi all, i'm Corbio and it's my first work for Genocide Crew.
My english is veeery bad, but i think you understand me. :-)

SmartCheck 6.03
brain ... i use version 1.0 SE :)

Lets go....
First i should to disassemble my target.
Now stars SC and enter the Name(Corbio) and the Serial(1).
Lets look what we have.
Hmm. Lot of ' _Change' here. Look at the last one:

     Str(VARIANT:ByRef Long:3030)         ;????
     Len(String:"Corbio")return LONG:6    
     Long(3035)--> Integer(3035)          ;????
     Str(VARIANT:ByRef Integer: 3035)     ;????
     Trim(VARIANT:String:"3030")          ;????
     Trim(VARIANT:ByRef String:"3030-Corbio-6") 
                   ;Wow! Its the correct serial!
Enter '3030-Corbio-6' and you get the message "you did it". Easy? Yes. But i want to code the keygen for that crackme, not single serial. Try to delete last char in my name, "o":

     Str(VARIANT:ByRef Long:2475)         ;hmm. some changes
     Len(String:"Corbi")return LONG:5    
     Long(2480)--> Integer(2480)          
     Str(VARIANT:ByRef Integer: 2480)     
     Trim(VARIANT:ByRef String:"2475-Corbi-5") 
I have some ideas about last string. 'Corbio' is 6 chars long and '-6' in the end of the serial, 'Corbi' is 5 chars and '-5' in the end.Ok. Last char is the length of my name.
Lets look at the previous 'Change':
Hmm .Mid, Asc, Mid, Asc...
first Mid - CRACKME2.EXE!000028E3 (in Details window)
Look at 000028E2 in IDA
Go down until you see:

00402991    call    ds:MSVBVM60_516     
00402997    imul    ax, 5                                                       
0040299B    mov     edx, [esi+44h]   
                    ;[esi+44h] is address of checksym
0040299E    jo      loc_402A4E
004029A4    movsx   ecx, ax
004029A7    add     ecx, edx
004029A9    lea     edx, [ebp-0ACh]
004029AF    jo      loc_402A4E
004029B5    mov     [esi+44h], ecx   	
                    ; for  'Corbio'   chacksym=BD6h
Set bpx at 402991 and trace some time. Do you understand what
happend? I do : )

After that i can code the keygen.
Thats all.

Genocide Crew members...
Acid Bytes,[X-Ray] and all my german friends(you know who you are)...
All crackers in the world...

uinC Member

Download Key Generator for Mogul CrackMe 2 here

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